Have you exercised your franchise?

For those of you still wrestling with the origami-lesson that is the Colorado mail-in ballot, you have my sympathies. In addition to the requirement that the ballot be returned folded exactly as it was received, voters must discern whether they must provide proof of ID (those with blue stripes on their return envelopes have already met this requirement, those with red stripes have not). In addition the ballot must be sequested in a secrecy sleeve before it's inserted in the red- or blue-striped return envelope, upon which the voter must sign and date BEFORE sealing.

Then you can either mail the ballot--with appropriate postage--or submit the ballot to an early voting center.

All of this kerfuffling occurs after the Colorado voter has weighed in on retaining several dozen county judges, assorted amendments to the state constitution, referenda, proposals, state representatives, school board members, federal representatives and, yes, president and vice president of these United States.

Remarkably, in spite of a system which makes it bizarrely complicated to vote, about 1/3 of the registered electorate in the state has already done so. Is it out of line to suggest this ought to be easier?

Should you need to confirm your polling place or anything else about the voting process, check out these sites:

Google Vote

Just Vote Colorado

Colorado Conservation Voters

Or just go ask Barack...Wink

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October 28. 2008 11:46


Barak's website is amazing.  I have my "I Voted Early" badge on today. Wink

margene |

October 28. 2008 17:14


Perfect description of Colorado's mail-in ballots.  I have performed the necessary paper folding and entering tab A into slot B stuffed the ballot box.  And I was pleased to see lots of people trekking in to do the same.

Harper |

October 29. 2008 15:47


Why do they make the process so damn difficult?

Christie |

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