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Years ago when I started my freelance career, I had a good friend who was paying her way through graduate school writing soft core pornography. The money was tempting and I was naive so I looked into it. When she showed me the magazines, though, I was appalled. The medium was raw, ugly and unromantic, and since I knew about the research potentially linking violence toward women and porn, I decided I couldn't write that stuff.

Fast forward 10 years. A colleague of mine took a job at a major insurance carrier. She hired me to write a series of about a half dozen letters. Thrilled to gain experience in an industry that was new to me and happy for the work, I eagerly took the assignment.

When I received the letters to rewrite, I was stunned. They were of the dear-Jane-Doe-we-can't-pay-for-your-cancer-treatment variety. Of course I had heard the stories about insurance companies denying care, but here it was in black-and-white. And I was complicit.

I wrote the letters, because I said I would. But when my client asked if I wanted more, I told her I was booked way into the next quarter. I vowed I would never again write for a health insurance company.

Some things just aren't worth the money.

Today is a very good day.

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March 22. 2010 11:29


It's sad how bad things have gotten. I just wish people would stop caring about politics and just start caring about people. It's amazing how many don't support this and don't care to look into how many people (including themselves) it will help.

As someone who went without health care for a period of time, it's so important and well overdue.

Ivy |

March 24. 2010 10:39


Amen to this post.  It is a great day.

Caitlin |

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