Violet is a bit…on the heavy side. One wonders if a mere whisp of an Icord will keep her properly affixed to one’s hips. Do you think Violet can hang?


Violet Beauregard from The Happy Hooker in Butterfly Mercerized Cotton Super 10, color 3829

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July 16. 2007 04:38


Violet is pretty!  Also, I have faith in the mighty i-cord.  It's stretchy and strong.  The stretchy part means you should be able to tie it pretty firmly and you will still be able to move without pain from a too-tight drawstring.  Smile  And as for holding up heavy things, i-cord is also often used to hold up soakers, which in turn may be holding up heavy wet diapers...and my kids never have marks on them from the soakers' drawstring tied nice and firm, so they must be comfortable.

Joni |

July 17. 2007 14:45


It looks great!  Heavy?  Hmmm...trust in the icord.  If not, some heavy duty twine?

Christie |

July 22. 2007 05:03


Would love to see Violet modeled.  She is sooo pretty!
You might try suspenders?!
They still work for farmers and very cool gals.

Ahrisha |

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