Hello 2012!

Resolutions have been given short shrift around here this season. Just the usual be better (wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend), do more (yoga, writing, spinning, juicing), be more (compassionate, spiritually curious, health-minded) kind of stuff.

We continue our veg-ness in various forms. In support of the ongoing vegan hilarity at Chez Nake-id, the unrepentently omnivorous sibling presented the books above. Vegan for Life is an important addition. Having sussed out the science from the lore (there's no data yet that gluten is the devil or that raw food will get us closer to God), registered dieticians Jack Norris and Virginia Messina present the latest and greatest information about what is and is not true about vegan nutrition along with helpful menus to get us there.

The Happy Herbivore has been receiving good notices for offering low-fat, tastey recipes long on the comfort-food theme--and lots of pictures!

Which brings me to the next resolution: Make delicious vegan meal for unrepentently omnivorous sibling.

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