Help for the snorer

Gentle Readers,

I need your help.

Mr. Nake-id is unhappy with his spouse and rightfully so. It's the snoring. Foundation trembling, curtain billowing, log sawing. The man feels like he's sleeping with a 250-lb truck driver, instead of the petite, chic wife he married. 

There is no denial here. My soft palette is like a timpani drum set. And, based on a doctor-prescribed home test, no sleep apnea, either.

What I need from you is a recommendation for a good humidifier. I've used one in the past with some success, but unfortunately have not found one that will properly hold its water and not leak. Your thoughts?

My nose thanks you. And so does Mr. Nake-id.

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March 1. 2010 18:47


Try this one:

good luck!

John |

March 1. 2010 19:15


Holmes - warm mist, filterless.  We have two of these for our downstairs and I love them.  The fact that they are filterless is a big bonus because the paper filters are breeding grounds for mold and mildew.  Also, I don't have to scour the store shelves hoping they have my specific filter in stock when I need it.  I clean these filterless models myself with vinegar and water to remove scale.  Takes about 15 minutes every two weeks.

threadingwater |

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