Hiding from the knitting

Knitting: Where have you been?

Me: Hiding from you.

Knitting: Why?

Me: Been busy. And, frankly, I'm just not that into you right now.

Knitting: Obviously. I tried catching your attention in the garden. You hate gardening.

Me: Yes. But it was 70 degrees outside and I wasn’t going to sit indoors knitting.

Knitting: (Pouting) Well, we could’ve spent the evening together.

Me: We turned the lights off for Lights Out America.

Knitting: You left the TV on.

Me: What were we going to do in the dark?

Knitting: Ahem.

Me: Yeah, well as soon as the lights went out we fell asleep.

Knitting: Too much fresh air. If you had spent the day knitting, well, you know…

Me: Go hide under a sofa cushion.


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March 31. 2008 01:09


I'm about to join you in the knitting avoidance.

Christie |

March 31. 2008 01:45


Oh Lord. You don't want to hear what <i>my</i> knitting has to say. It's not fit for print.

But the garden's happy!

Kitt |

March 31. 2008 18:47


Bookmarked your post over at Blog Bookmarker.com!

pouting |

April 6. 2008 00:24


Maybe it's just the change of season?  I've been avoiding the computer...which isn't helping my blog much.

martie |

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