Holiday glam garb and trying too hard at a certain age

We try to stay au currant here at the Nake-id atelier without broaching the limits of “trying too hard”; we don’t want to look like mutton dressed up as lamb.* So when I turned up at a party, wearing the following and was greeted with, “Oh Sophia (age 16) would love that!” I replied flatly, “It’s for sale…”

Well, really, it’s not. But I was given pause again later in the week, when Cousin Stephanie, upon seeing the garment in question, exclaimed, “Rebecca (age 17) would love that!”

Even our young roommate, weighed in with approbation. (See arrow.)

Please. Are we trying to gild the turd here?


Knit from the Mango Moon ponchito pattern on size 13 US needles using recycled sari rayon and lots of novelty yarn.




*Phrase cribbed from the Garlic Queen.

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December 20. 2006 01:57


I am NOT the person to ask - especially when it comes to ponchos, ponchettes or ponchetinos.  I do not like them on anyone, or on any body of any age.  Apparently, little demon cat shares my view.  Either that, or he's just making mischief.  Which could it be, do you think?

As for the compliments and the resulting anxiety?  You are the only judge that matters.  They are compliments after all to your skill, your sense of color and texture and your sense of personal flair and fashion.  What all those folks are really saying is, "I hope I'm as cool and hip as her when I'm that age."  "That age" being defined as anything over 30!

threadingwater |

December 20. 2006 04:52


It's stunning. Wear it with elan, m'dear.  You've got plenty. If the younger set like it, well, sorry, they're not sophisticated enough for it yet!!!!!

Susan |

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