Holy muzak in the craft store, Batman!

Yesterday in need of an outing and crochet hooks (mine always landing in that liminal place with errant socks, stitch markers and equity securities), I drove to Hobby Lobby.

There, while trying to divine the difference between the self-striping kitchen cotton and the variegated, I keyed in to the store's background music. The song emanating from the sound system was, unmistakably, "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?"

Hobby Lobby's founder is deeply religious, and that's all well and good, but promulgating images of the crucifixion in the minds of customers happily shopping for glitter glue and raffia seems like odd retail strategy. Surely there are other less grisly hymns?

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February 5. 2009 11:10


I've noticed that muzak too - and, of course, at "holiday time" they play Christmas carols - all without words. I suppose only those of us with a quasi-religious upbringing recognize those tunes, but I have a friend who refuses to shop there because of their subliminal religious messages!!!

Susan |

February 5. 2009 19:47


I would agree that the music was not the best choice for a craft store...especially with much nicer upbeat hymns almost anywhere.  Plus, think of the whole genre of Christian Rock! Lots of much much better choices than what you listened to while shopping.

Actually, I am more impressed that you were able to focus on the music at all...Hobby Lobby stores have way too much stuff in a way too small store. When I am in the store I am on total sensory overload.  Didn't even know they played muzak.  Smile

John |

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