How did this sneak up?

Went bananas over this…


I love that they presented this collection—very Donna Karan, don’t you think?—using both cotton and wool yarns. Dying to stitch this!

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May 10. 2007 08:44


This looks great...that purple color is fabulous.  What color would you use?

John |

May 15. 2007 01:52


Bought the pamphlet on my first visit to Colorful Yarns in Greenwood Village.  I love the new style of Berroco patterns and I never would have thought to check them out if not for you.  Thanks.

And Colorful Yarns is great -- lots of cool accessories and great yarn -- even if it is located in a difficult-to-find dental building!

Harper |

June 29. 2007 11:14


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