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Besides Lamb's Pride and Cascade 220, what are your favorite felting yarns? Just askin'...

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July 24. 2007 23:51


Aracaunia Nature Wool felts beautifully, and you get the added beauty of the striation in the colors.  Malabrigo felts like a champ...their new yarns, Aquarella & Gruesa, end up almost an inch thick when felted.

martie |

July 25. 2007 00:25


I was gonna say what Martie said.  Araucania Nature Wool.  I've actually had some problems felting C220, but maybe someone slipped me some superwash in a regular wool ball band?  Lopi is also good for felting.  Some of us might say it's the only thing it's good for...

jenifleur |

July 25. 2007 00:37


Paton's classic merino--it felts super fast so be careful.

Kureyon--I love how the colours blend.

Dr. Steph |

July 25. 2007 01:09


I've had lots of luck w/Manos del Uruguay.

Paton's SWS felts wonderfully (but FAST! Don't leave the washing machine's side!).

amy |

July 25. 2007 03:00


Don't forget Lopi. And I've had great luck with vintage wool from TG&Y and KMart.

Nancy |

July 25. 2007 14:47


Ditto on the Patons SWS - super quick felting (frightengly so), Patons Pure Wool, Lion Brand Lion Wool, Araucania Nature Wool, Cascade 220.  Koigu felts really nicely too.

Susan |

July 25. 2007 14:48


ooops I meant Kureyon not Koigu

Susan |

July 25. 2007 23:05


I love to felt with Rio de la Plata - a la Manos/Malabrigo ( bulky) & ella rae (worsted). Rio de la Plata felts so fast & beautifully. Smile Ella Rae felts quickly and looks great. I also like to use Noro Kureyon. It doesn't felt as firmly as the others do, but of course the stripes!  

sylvia |

July 31. 2007 15:33


I love Paton's Classic Wool.  It felts very quickly, comes in a lot of colors & can frequently be found at discount prices (even the full price is pretty low & it is carried by Meijer stores & maybe some other big general purpose stores).

mwknitter |

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