I failed Pictionary

What’s a designer wannabe to do when her sketches look like this?


You see where I’m going with this, right?

Surely, there’s a book somewhere? Instruction? A class? There’s got to be help for someone like me. Anybody?

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September 14. 2006 23:40


The book 9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion, by Nancy Riegelman, is excellent. It's also outrageously expensive and the type is designer-friendly but not reader-friendly.

Fortunately, there are more pictures than words *and* it's availble through interlibrary loan (I got it through Colorado's Prospector system).

Yes, request this book from your library and make friends with it.

I have taken regular drawing classes, too. Chuck Ceraso teaches good classes at the Denver Art Museum and through Boulder's adult education system for people who don't think they can draw. He's an outstanding artist and easy-going instructor who helps his students get results.

Another thing, temporarily, would be to find an art student who can turn your sketches into more finished drawings. But it's a lot more fun to learn to do it yourself!

Deborah Robson |

September 15. 2006 00:21


Love the boobs!

Sue |

September 15. 2006 04:17


I can't offer any help, as mine look worse than yours, but I guess I believe that if you know what you want it to look like, then it's not a big deal if the sketch isn't an ideal representation.  I tend to make a lot of notes on the side, in terms of what kind of shaping, neckline, patterning, etc, in case I don't come back to it for a while, but since I feel like sketching is just a jumping off point, a rough idea is ok.

But that may just be trying to compensate for the fact that my only artistic mastery lies in those Ed Emberly fingerprint drawings.

Cathi |

June 29. 2007 15:19



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