I'm dreaming of a lot of holiday gifts made from boring organic cotton colors


Look, all nice and organized and tucked into its sterile environment, safe from the predatory, you know…


The above is mostly Pakucho Organic Cotton mixed in with some Lion Organic Cotton. I shouldn’t be such a brat about the colors. I actually love the color-grown shades. (But would it hurt those little bolls to blaze hot pink and lime green now and then? I think not.)

Oh, just when I was fussing about organic colors, check out this organic lace weight yarn, dyed using natural and “earth-friendly dyes.” (Take all this with a grain of salt, or,  pinch of alum. Eco-friendly is code for less toxic, not non-toxic.) From India and Africa, this yarn doesn’t qualify under “buy local,” but the web site says it’s fairly traded.

Looking at a few eco-minded web sites, I am reminded by the complexity of trying to live/knit clean. My organic cotton comes from Peru, so it’s even more well-traveled than I am. I have no idea how it was processed and spun. And now it’s sitting in a plastic bag in my house.

I think I’m going to go lie down.

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November 17. 2007 00:07


LOL!  You hit that one on the head.  I bet that organic cotton has left one nasty little carbon footprint just getting to that plastic bag.

martie |

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