In the snood

Suddenly it's back. The interest. The ideas. The compulsion to curl up and knit and knit and knit. The urge to buy yarn. (Hi, Honey!)

The cool weather is partly to blame. How can you not want to get all cozy with a blanket, kitties and your woolies when the days go all chill?

But, it's also the way of love. One minute he's all cute and orange, the next you're screaming because he's just bitten the old man.

Same with knitting.

My head had turned. Vegan blogs, vegan recipes, unfamiliar, exotic foods (chia seeds, who knew?). Their blandishments about wool...

But seeing my knitting students catch fire with a project and coming in weekly contact with yarn like that pictured above (Herie7 Natural Fiber Teasures black-white Norwegian handspun wool purchased at Wild Yarns), well, the thrill is back.

Is your heart similarly filled?

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