Is knitting emo?

Have run across the term "emo" in magazines, which sent me scurrying to "the Google." (It's a sad day when aging culture vultures have to look up their cultural references. But there it is.)

After reading some definitions, still not sure I get it. An offshoot of a hardcore punk movement (emo is short for "emotional hardcore") that flourished in Washington, D.C. in the mid-1980s, it now seems to have morphed into a skinnier, less-pierced version of what we would have called punks and goths, back in the day.

Christian Seriano is "emo." Alec Baldwin is not.

Emo art? Like Holly Hobby meets Freddy Krueger.

Self-indulgent emotions are emo. Law school is not.

Vegan is "emo." Charcuterie is not.

And knitting? Yeah, kinda "emo." Especially using plant-based yarns.

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