Is time on your side?

Right now there's work in the queue and deadlines looming, but nothing is imminent. Time is like a house; in the same way we fill the space we have, we dither the more time we have. OK, maybe you don't dither, but over here this week, there's been dithering. Boy has there been dithering.

Online mah jong, anyone?

There have been moments of productivity--the contemplation of new knits based on the amazing stitch patterns contained here (a gift from Lynn based on a recommendation from Cheryl):

Also, ruminations and initial research for a new project. The submission of a long-neglected application to a writing organization. Some canvassing, donating and handwringing over the election. There's been cat wrangling, and miraculously, a bit of yoga and bike riding--and only minimal online shopping (hello, the Mason-Dixon book is due out in four days).

How 'bout we look at what other more productive people are doing? Go wave at Marly, who's just had two patterns published, one in Interweave Crochet, the other in Knit Simple. Kim Hargreaves' fall book is out, smashing as always. The new Knitty with a gored skirt that's so cute, it could cure the malaise. And the 2009 dishcloth calendar is ready to go.

Things busy in your world?

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