It's a blog world after all

I've thought a lot recently about what I like in a blog. And what I like most is an escape. Crisp writing can do it, especially if accompanied by luminous photography and hints of a gracious life. I became enamored of this blog, but she's gone and holed up to "explore some opportunities which have arisen" (wench probably has a book contract). So no respite from the dusty jetsam under my bed there.

The food blogs can be diverting, especially when the week night menu fails to inspire. Don't you wonder how they manage to shoot their whisks dripping sensuously with cream in the gloaming of evening cooking? I do. I wonder. Then I copy the recipe and get on with it.

The book blogs make me tired. Some of us knit. And read. And cook. And write. And try to keep the young cat from biting the head of the old one. There aren't enough hours in the day to tackle the new Madame Bovary translation, brilliant though it may be. (If you email me privately, I'll tell you how it ends.)

Great blogs are like great magazines. They create aspirations and inspire wicked sprees of online shopping. They recommend books or offer clever tutorials or butter us up with delicious recipes. They get passionate and occasionally political and urge us to rise to our best selves. And, most compellingly, they provide, a glimpse of other lives.

Some of us can only aspire.

The above, by the way, is Greenway in a melange of acrylics.

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