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Years ago when I used to backpack with Mitch, I came to appreciate how little one needs for sustenance. Food, water, a companion, shelter, and in my case, a good read or knit. (A raincoat and the nip of an adult beverage didn't hurt, either.)

When we take people to Westcliffe, I am frequently nonplussed by comments that run along these lines: I could never live here.

That was me in my 20s, when I thought I needed cinema and theater and restaurants and malls and book stores, when what I really needed was a solid boyfriend, meaningful work and good friends and family. Though I still wonder whether I'm suited to rural life, I've come to appreciate that the things that give me real joy are mostly quite simple: A nap with the cats. An hour of trouble-free knitting. A morning of productive writing. A good book and the time to read it. Cooking and sharing a wonderful meal. An afternoon walk when you can feel the ground bursting with spring. A great conversation. OK, and skin care.

Westcliffe has all these things as well as an active fiber community (though if a fine urban-style yarn shop were to open there and thrive, it wouldn't break my heart) and good people who bring casseroles when there's trouble.

Just curious. What are your essentials?


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February 26. 2008 01:43


I'm with you. Monument doesn't have night life or culture but the feeling of serenity I get from living with trees and fields and ponds around me instead of house-let alone the people-makes up for all that other stuff - although I like it close enough to visit weekly!!!

Susan |

February 26. 2008 03:55


Too bad Westcliffe is 80 miles from Buena Vista. Serendipity yarn shop. Wow.

Deborah Robson |

March 1. 2008 01:24


I have been thinking about this question all week - I want choice of places to food shop from luxury to basic. A farmers market, good choice of coffee shops, several yarn/fabric stores and not having to resort to the internet to buy stuff I cannot get locally. Good, plentiful and reliable public transport at all times of the day/night/weekends etc. Galleries, museums and I personally would also always like to be within easy reach of the ocean/sea ie within an hour or so's drive. I have lived in many different locales - and on 2 continents but always all of the above has been present, well maybe not the public transport where I live right now....
I have never lived in a remote location - although I must admit I have dreamed of doing so more than once. But looking at all of the above, I am not sure that I would like to do so on a permanent basis. I don't think it would be for me.

carol |

April 29. 2008 08:10

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