Japanese knitting books

Just adding to my collection of wonderful, completely intimidating Japanese knitting books. The first, Aran Knit Pattern Wear and Goods, has some smashing patterns; I'm particularly keen on the short jacket with collar. (You can view some finished garments from this book on Ravelry.) The second, Knit Bag Recipe by Saichika, contains some of the most creative bag patterns I've ever seen. That thin read line on that cabled bag slays me!

Whether I ever work up the nerve or not to tackle a project, these books are delightful objects in and of themselves. For example, the art direction of the bag book (it looks for all the world like it was shot in an abandoned mental hospital) is so clean and spare; the warm, textured knits pop against the cold backdrop. And the cover--purses hanging from a bent clothes hanger! So perfect.

Should you want your own volumes, they're available from this Etsy shop. Click on the link, "Crocheting and Knitting."


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