Just another maudlin Monday

I had a couple of free hours yesterday and decided to finish an essay I started months ago. Remarkably, it has nothing to do with knitting, and therein may lie the problem, since all I can think about are sweaters, this being a current obsession:


From the Rowan Classic Coast Collection

But I was in the mood to write, or at least thought I was, though revisiting the essay distressed me somewhat. I noodled with the diction, unsure I was striking the right tone. I revised clunky phrases; an English teacher I had long ago noted awkward sentences by writing “awk” beside them in red. There was a lot of “awk.” Ultimately, I had to admit that I didn’t know where I was going. Really, dear, what is your point?

So I lay down. Please tell me you do this: Shut your eyes so as to conjure different brain waves or at the very least, catch a few Zs? It works. And in this case, along with stealing a nice nappy, I realized where the piece needed to go. Problem is, my “point” just ain’t that deep.

Kinda put the whole day into a tailspin.

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February 13. 2007 03:56


Love that sweater!!  Do you have the pattern?  It will be #89 on my list of things to knit.

Sue |

February 13. 2007 08:33


I like to close my eyes, even for a few moments.  helps me recharge, rethink, and feel a but less maudlin.  The sweater is wonderful, but in grey?  how about a hunter green...

John |

February 13. 2007 13:40


Knitting helps me center {grin}. Or napping. Or a walk. Actually, a drive on a highway usually helps a lot.

Me, I spent the day installing software upgrades (I'm not done yet) and thinking about the essays I need to write (deadline) and have barely started.

Deborah Robson |

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