Keep that roving out of your hair

At the spinning workshop this weekend, Claire told this horror story of spinning her long blonde hair into her yarn. Instead of shearing off her own locks, she plucked each trapped hair from her head one by one and learned a very painful lesson.

Now she wraps her roving around a wrist distaff, safely away from her hair, which she now keeps short. Since my problem is more one of keeping the roving safe from the cat, I bought one of Claire’s handmade distaffs. And because the theme this month is “lace,” purchased one of her lace-weight spindles too.

Support the arts, I always say.


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June 7. 2007 06:10


This reminds me of my late, long-haired dog Bear, who got himself wound into the footman of my wheel more than once. He would just stand there patiently until I grabbed scissors and cut him loose.

Catherine D. |

June 7. 2007 06:18


That pic looks like dreads.  You could probably wear those - Susan

Susan |

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