Kippah gone wrong

It was a lovely, rambling weekend of good home-cooked meals—my pot roast, if I do say so myself, is like buttah—long walks and some catch up writing. Then I blocked this:


Reknit on smaller needles? Rip out an inch and hope for cuppage? Crochet?


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January 14. 2008 02:14


Tell your husband it's not the kippah, it's his head and have him adjust accordingly.

Christie |

January 14. 2008 04:50


Try blocking it on something shaped like his head -- maybe a balloon?  If you give it a quick dunk and squeeze out in cool water and let it set on the balloon (melon, etc.), maybe it will encourage the cuppage to appear!

Diana |

January 14. 2008 04:57


Christie is on to something, but before going to that extreme with M's head, I would follow Diana's suggestion and then iron the hell out of it.

threadingwater |

January 15. 2008 06:06


Hi there!  I don't think the husband head adjustment will work.   I've tried that! Smile

I think the issue is  both blocking and the my pattern, I specifically call for cotton and knitting it on small needles to create a firm fabric...and then starching it.  Crochet uses about 3 times as much yarn/thread as knitting does, so that's why your normal crocheted cotton kipah has lots of body.  If you want to emulate that in knitting, you've got to knit very tightly, using a similiar (cotton or silk) yarn, and then expect that some body will be introduced via the starching.  

If you're deadset on using wool, I'd recommend doubling the yarn and/or reducing the needle size. I hope this helps!  Definitely try blocking with this if you don't want to give up what you've done.  I find I can knit one of these in an evening so give it another chance when you have time and some mercerized cotton!  

Joanne |

January 27. 2008 10:59


I am loving that yarn! What is it???

meredith |

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