Knitaway goodies, part I

Though I'm starting to return to earth--a late-night attempt to parse brioche knitting's hieroglyphics was a fine smack down--there's still some Knitaway afterglow.

Mostly all this sloppy bliss comes from spending time with smart, engaged people whose knitting tricks--and other interests--open new cracks and crevices in the hard cheese that is the Nake-id brain.

For example, in touring Cheryl's dye studio, we spied a beautiful piece of crocheted lace, among other stunning pieces. Turns out, Cheryl's 86-year-old mother-in-law, Bernetta, is a master crocheter who has "drawers" filled with these treasures. Cheryl had tried to sell Bernetta's work at a recent show with no success. We were gobsmacked. What?! Bring 'em on!

Cheryl passed around a stack of runners, doilies and table toppers, each more intricate and striking than the last--and priced so reasonably, one of the knitters observed, "Cheryl, you have to charge more!"

I bought the piece pictured above as a gift and put in an order for a dresser scarf for Chez Nake-id. We were all vibrating--yes, from the chance to possess such things--but also from admiration, knowing that there's a lady in Kansas, whom we've never met, who is capable of such beauty.

Most of the Knitawayers are now proud owners of Bernettas and are honored to have them. There's talk of an upcoming Etsy store. Will keep you posted.

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