Knitter on the edge

Apologies for yesterday and the Starmore gag. Couldn’t resist. It amused me because I like stranded knitting almost as much as I like yard work and my skills are, shall we say, rudimentary at best.

But here’s something. I’ve been noodling with a picot edging for one of my weird projects. The one below is from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting on the Edge. (The photo in her book is much better.) I love the little trick of it, pulling all the little stitches up and over a previously knit stitch to form the shell. Of course, the edging is too short, which means a redo. The third. Or fourth. But it’s a nifty maneuver. Amazing what you can do with a few knits and purls, isn’t it?


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April 2. 2008 12:11


Love that color!!!

Tamara |

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