Knitting Dreams

Do you ever dream about your knitting?

Last night I dreamt about knitters. In the dream, Kay, one of our knitter buddies, talked my mother into skydiving (which is about as likely as convincing George Bush to put on a tutu and tights for his farewell to the nation).

Anyway. In my dream, Mom went skydiving, loved it and convinced my husband to do it. Mitch goes up with a group of about 30 and they all get t-shirts. I'm at home (in the dream) having apoplexy. Eventually all the skydivers return, except for eight, who are missing, including Mitch. I try calling his cell phone (which makes perfect sense. If you were jumping out of an airplane, you'd answer your cell phone, right?)

Anyway. Mitch turns up. His parachute didn't open until he was just about to land, but it all worked out because he landed in the ocean (you know, the ocean near Denver?).

"Weren't you scared?" I asked.

"Nah," he said. "I just figured that was it."

They found all the other skydivers in Mitch's party except for two.

Now, it's my turn to go. I select a blue t-shirt, and get ready to go. I'm freaking out, thinking that an 8 percent smash ratio isn't so great.

Then I wake up. Extremely relieved that I'm not spending the morning in an aircraft.

Anyway. Somehow, in my mind, this dream was about knitting.

Any dream analyzers out there?

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August 18. 2008 03:15


The blue tshirt symbolizes Republicans...maybe you're forced to knit with a group of Republicans who won't allow you to go and vote.

Pam |

August 18. 2008 06:41


I interviewed a dream expert recently. According to her book, skydiving dreams are about taking on new adventures. If you feel scared in the dream, then it's a venting dream (her word for nightmare), where you're releasing fears about the new thing.

My guess? It's an anxiety dream relating to what's on your writing horizon.

Roxanne |

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