Knitting Finished Object: A Clever Vest


Meet Elysium. She's a clever little vest from TroubleDog Designs, a miracle of short-rowing for extra cuppage in the proper spots. I am in awe of people who can think architecturally. Jennifer Dassau, who designed this piece, imagined a vest knit side-to-side in three dimensions (and no seaming!) then realized it. Extraordinary. To have that kind of spatial intelligence, well, you could just kick Google Maps to the curb couldn't you? She fits like a glove, too. Maybe a bit too much like a glove, but that's the prude in me talking. 

Check out the short rows!

The yarn was a dream: Voodoo in the Africa colorway, a DK-weight, merino superwash from Creatively Dyed Yarn. Though it makes for a darling garment, the variegated yarn obscures those sweet short rows. Next time, a semi solid. 

All in all a tremendous success. Elysium is a great summer project: Not-too-heavy, easy-on-the-brain, and perfectly packable.





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July 21. 2010 11:54


Supercute and curvy too.


"Susan |

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