Knitting Finished Object: Nazo Vest by Cheryl Oberle

Say "hey" to Nazo.

This is one of Cheryl Oberle's latest, which because of the vertical garter stitch (emphasis on vertical), is wonderfully flattering. it's also a triumph of engineering, with precise increases, decreases, diagonal details--and no seaming. How she managed to construct this side-to-side vest with no mattress stitching coda, well that woman is a caution

This was knit in Creatively Dyed Woodbrook 2 in the Elgin colorway paired with Cascade 220 in black. (At least I think it was Cascade 220.)

You might think this is a mindless knit, stitched as it is all in garter stitch, but you that's not the case. Nazo, which means puzzle in Japanese, emerges on the needles in that miraculous way of socks, where you have no sense of where you're going topographically until a heel appears--or the armhole of a vest--with fun surprises at every turn.

Imagine it in your own colors and enjoy the ride.

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November 21. 2011 19:04


Love it!

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