Knitting Jewelry Tutorial: What is a chatelaine?

While waisting time researching knitting jewelry, I ran across an unfamiliar term: chatelaine. Always game to add a new word to the armamentarium, I went surfing. Turns out, a chatelaine is the mistress of a castle or "fashionable house." It also refers to a clip of long chains women in the 18th and 19th centuries wore at their waists from which they hung essentials such as keys, magnifying glasses, pencils, notebooks and sewing items. Many were quite elaborate and they clearly signaled a woman's social position.

This is a pretty antique chatelaine available from Morning Glory Jewelry.

Crewel Jewels sells beaded necklace chatelaines to needleworkers. (Thanks to Leslie for the Crewel Jewels tip.) You'll also find neato do-dads like filigree needle cages, fancy scissors, thimble cases and scissor fobs.

For a cool scissor chatelaine (necklace type) check out Shibori Dragon Knits.

Treasured finds has some lovely pin-type chatelaines, like this one.

Antique chatelaines apparently sell for a pretty penney and are quite collectible.

Anyway, I'm off to be the mistress of my castle. Here's what I'm managing today:

"Even with an expensive chatelaine, she can't handle me."

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August 15. 2008 03:37


I have a large collection of scissors from my needlework days (including one from that link) and a small collection of other tools of the trade.  Chatelaines have always been priced out of my budget but that didn't stop me from dreaming.  

margene |

August 15. 2008 04:13


So interesting!  Reminds me of Gigi's two aunts.  ;)

Christie |

August 15. 2008 13:47


You're welcome for the tip.  I hope it didn't put too much of a dent in your bank account.  You can always blame "Leslie" without feeling guilty!!  *LOL*

Leslie |

August 17. 2008 02:05


so I googled knitted jewelry tutorial, and look what I found! So did you find any good tutorials on knitting jewelry??!!

woolies |

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