Knitting: My Funny-Good-Sport Valentine

An FO emerges from the atelier (cue the sound of Cupid giving Ms. Nake-id a high-five). The hat in question: Windschief by Stephen West in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Charcoal Mix, the largest size using US 7 and 8 needles. (Mr. Nake-id has an extra big...cabeza.)

This is a working piece and the recipient needs ear coverage, so I knit it extra long. Should this pattern ever find its way to my needles again, I would leave it shorter. Wear it in good health, Baby!

Change-your-life (a little) Monday

Pomegranate raspberry rose chocolate. Basil lemon truffle. Hibiscus cream. Salted caramel. The discovery of a local artisan chocolatier is our gift to you this Valentine's Day: Black Star Chocolates. Divine.

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