Knitting: Red Pencil Skirt

Remember this? There are many things wrong with this garment. Starting with the fact that it doesn't stay on. Still, I wear it. Always with tights, and, more often than not, something oversized on top. One musn't run around looking like mutton dressed as lamb.

Now a friend wants to knit it and I'm in a quandry. There's no pattern, of course; you think things run in lock-step at Nake-id Knits? And I'm not sure how to solve the slippage issue. Elastic? Draw string? Elastic rigging on the inside?

The yarn, too, is no longer available, and the lady in question will no doubt want this custom sized. Which means measuring and math and sorting out the decreases.

A pattern is coming, should any of you want to emulate the tasteful cougar pictured above.


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