Knitting: Sweater on my mind

This is the Givenchy coat that would be a sweater. (Incidentally, the film is 1963's Charade with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Absolutely charming. Put it in your queue, for the clothes if nothing else.) The sweater will be nothing like the coat, as I'm planning a pullover with brioche edgings, but it is the juming-off point for shape and general color.

Ingrid and I are facillitating a top-down design workshop at The Lamb and it seemed prudent to get a project underway. Now comes the search for the proper yarn--I'd like the color to sit somewhere between lipstick and orange--fire engine? And I'm thinking a lustrous, cable-plied merino, DK or worsted. Then comes the swatching. 

Here's another photo of the coat, this time accessorized with the perfect leopard hat. Swooming. Good thing the cats are tabbies.

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