Knitting: The Lost Weekend

Spent a good deal of the weekend thinking and writing about knitting instead of doing it. We did manage to get in the yard for a bit of clean up. Saturday was a breathtaking spring day and I couldn't bear spending its entirety staring at the computer. (Wearing shorts for the first time, I blinded a couple of neighbors with the whiteness of my legs.)

We're convinced that the people across the street have trained their leaves to deposit themselves in our yard. Mitch raked up huge garbage cans full. Don't you think it would be neighborly to return them?

Sunday the skies clouded, wetting us with a slurpy soup of rain and snow. The weather was definitely more congenial to computer staring and winding yarn and lots of it.

Feeling peaceful this Monday morning. And you?





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March 15. 2010 17:56


I tried practicing my knitting yesterday but couldn't remember the cast on stitches and was too lazy to get off the couch and look at the video but I thought about it a lot....

Caitlin |

March 20. 2010 07:01


I once had a next-door neighbor who complained loudly every fall about MY leaves that she had to rake out of HER yard.  And she actually picked up branches fallen into her yard and tossed them over the fence to mine.  I still laugh every time I remember it!

Lee |

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