Knitting Zappa: The gauntlet has been thrown

The Sibling recently moved into a new apartment, and me, being female and congenitally predisposed to favor throw pillows, I've been pushing cushions like the next new diet craze.

Sister: "Where are the throw pillows?"

Sibling: "I hate throw pillows."

Sister: "You've got to have throw pillows."

Sibling: "I don't have to have throw pillows anymore. I'm divorced."

Sister: (Mulling that existential truth but pressing ahead, nonetheless) "There something wrong about a room without throw pillows."

Sibling: "They get in the way."

Sister: "What if I were to buy you throw pillows?"

Sibling: "I wouldn't use them."

Sister: (Glares.)

Sibling: "If you find me Frank Zappa throw pillows, I'll use them."

Two weeks later.

Sister: "Did you get my email about the Zappa throw pillows?"

Sibling: "Those were lame. There are much better quotes. Have you ever been to Zappa dot com?"

Sister: (Blank look.)

Sibling: "Of course, not. Got to, you knit me a pillow with the iconic mustache and I'll put it out.

Sister: (Not realizing she was giving herself over to an intarsia project) "You know, I have the power."

Sibling: (Shutting door on sister, thinking it'll never happen): "Yeah, right, OK, bye."

How hard could it be?

Watch this space, for Frank Zappa mustache knitting chart.

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