Knitting and cooties

I've been down with the ick for the last couple of days. Mom was convinced it was swine flu, but given the severity of my symptoms I doubt it; maybe piglet flu or more prosaically, just a bad cold.

The laptop makes it easy to curl up on the sofa with pillows, blankets and cats and work a bit. With the fever, I couldn't do much heavy thinking, but dismatched some less arduous tasks, like updating the YMN calendar and sinking into my reading for the winter VK.

Naturally, I knit a bit. I'm making a gift shawl, very casual, very Grateful-Dead-Meets-Little-House-on-the-Prairie. With all of the sitting, there are lots of little orange cat hairs being incorporated, and of course, my germs. Surely, Eucalan will dispatch the germs if not the cat hair, yes?

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September 23. 2009 17:18


Sorry to hear about the germs. Feel better.

Roxanne |

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