Knitting and mind rot

The other day I found myself making yet another knitting reference in a conversation unrelated to the craft. "It all comes down to knitting," I joked.

But it's not such a joke. Do you ever wonder whether your focus is so occlusive as to render your conversation...dull to civilians? That you've gone so far and so deep that it all really does come down to knitting?

Last week I settled in for a bit of knitting and actually watched an entire episode of the "Housewives of Orange County." It wasn't the first time.

NPR, podcasts, audio books help, but don't replace books and smart conversation. How does a passionate knitter keep her mind from going completely to hell?

I'm reading a novel now larded with references to ancient Greek literature and philosophy. At one time I knew what Aeschylus wrote, that Klytemmnestra was a victim of girl rage and what irked Antigone. But can't remember.

I do remember this: That Penelope, now there was a stupid knitter.

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February 20. 2009 08:56


Housewives of Orange County????  I'm beginning to worry about you!

Kay |

February 20. 2009 18:02

Deborah Robson

Yep, Penelope used a loom. Hard to make those rows of loops happen on a warped frame. Unless you're weaving pile. It's not the same, though.

Deborah Robson |

February 22. 2009 11:29


I just finished The Secret History- I'll be curious to hear what you think!

Cathi |

February 23. 2009 10:26


"Housewives . . ."  hahahaha  It is THE worst reality show out there.  My excuse is that I went to high school with Jeana - back when she was little Jeannie Myers.  Strange how the most wallflower-ish people can harbor raging rivers of ambition.  So, there you go.  You aren't wasting your brain on drivel. You're learning all about narcissistic personality disorder PLUS getting a tutorial on fashion "don't"s at the same time. Everybody wins.

threadingwater |

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