Knitting jewelry

This post is inspired by Sally, who showed up at a party recently sporting a long, thick silver chain festooned with silver needlework gadgets. While we all own the requisite sheep or llama earrings, let's face it, much of the yarn-related jewelry is just a bit too precious.

This sterling needle-gauge pendant above (Debra's Garden) is anything but precious. As is this sleek one from Bent Metal jewelry.

But unless you can catch Silversmith Mary Snyder at a fiber fest, look to embroiderers for the coolest swag.

I'm mad for these scissors...from Silversites.

Put them together with a sheath from Silent Stitches. Be sure to check out the silver needle case. (Makes our little Chibis look pretty lame.)

Get yourself a heavy silver chain. Add a magnifying glass, such as this...

Swan about. Looking really, really chic.

How would you adorn a knitting necklace? Looking for needlework jewelry recommendations, please...

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August 12. 2008 05:22


While attending Convergence 2008 here in Tampa a few weeks ago, I came across the booth for Crewel Jewels.  I purchased a Chatelaine and pin cushion . . also purchased a scissor set made out of this amazing wood at another booth, but I can't find the receipt to that one.

Here's the website for Crewel Jewels:

Leslie |

August 12. 2008 12:03


I have seen the square needle gauge before, but am totally enamoured of that spiral one!  Thanks for the link!

Christie |

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