Knitting loot: Paco-vicuna

Paco-vicuña, people. Pure, undyed, local, farm-traceable P-V and it lives here!

Considered the ancestor of the alpaca, vicuña are small camelids that run wild throughout South America. Their fiber is much prized; vicuña is considered the softest fiber in the world, softer even than cashmere. They are also more aggressive and far-ranging then their alpaca cousins (and protected as endangered by many South American governments). Only a few vicuña have made their way North (information on how vicuña found their way to Norte America is sketchy), but intrepid ranchers have found that if they breed the obstreperous vicuña with the placid alpaca they get finer, faster-growing fibers (than the alpaca) and a more docile animal (than the vicuña).

My friend Cheri of Goosebumps Yarn gave me the much-treasured skein pictured above for the holidays. She sources P-V fleece from a Colorado breeder and has it spun into a delicious fingering weight two-ply. It's taken Cheri and her partner Kathy several iterations with the mill to get the yarn just right. The result: A yarn whose plies line up like seed pearls and feel like kittens.

I have 170 yards. I'm thinking: Lace cowl. Your thoughts?

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