Knitting trough

Monday I received news that an item I designed for inclusion in an upcoming pattern book had been bumped. Kicked right to the curb.

Disappointments are rampant in publishing, it's the nature of the beast. Twenty years ago I would have cried. Now, given the nature of this design, I found my disappointment...kind of funny. Grown woman pouting over a...I'll tell you later what it is, when the little rejectee comes home from its tour of the Big City.

There is no one to blame here and I suspect the decision will make for a stronger end product. I loved designing it and working with the young author, whose book is going to be a total kick.

And I've figured out how to make lemonade from this little lemon. Once I receive the item-in-question, I'll sell instructions on Ravelry to benefit a related cause.

As I said, guano happens. Let's use it as fertilizer and see what comes up.

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March 3. 2010 13:22

Bonne Marie

My heart leapt for you when I read this! Damn!

I am not as mature as you and  I would still have a really soggy cry-out before I boot-strapped...

You are my mentor! hugz (1,000,000)

Bonne Marie |

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