Knitting update from Norway

No, we're not in Norway, don't I wish. Though I've been working in an office downtown, almost the same thing, right?

But we do have friends, who have taken a much-needed respite in the beautiful city of Trondheim, where, among other things, they've been exploring the knitting scene. To my great delight, a card featuring this little gem, the Oppskriften på Luesjal, krage og pulsvanter, arrived yesterday. It appears as if the hat can be worn frontways or backwards and converts into a neckwarmer. Some matching, feminine wrist warmers are also highlighted.

To poke around the site, There are some other temptations, like this! Let's all go strikket some garn, shall we?

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May 27. 2011 10:06


Ya! Vi strikke pa Norske. Veldig bra min venner.

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