Knitting with Beads

Last night I had the honor of presenting an extremely short workshop on knitting with beads to the North Denver Knitting Guild. I can't pretend to be an expert on the subject. For example, when I read in Judith Durant's book that beaded knitting can bias, I was like, "huh"?

Of course, that's the benefit of teaching. One always learns more than one imparts.

Also , after having made an emergency run to Ornamental Beads for Big Eye needles, I learned from Ingrid, who was scanning a beaded wristlet pattern from Knitting Traditions, that you can take a very thin needle, thread it with sewing thread, make a loop and knot it. Then insert your yarn though the thread loop and commence stringing your beads. Essentially you've made your own Big Eye needle with a regular needle and thread. What a head-smacker that was!

For content, I demonstrated a few techniques and displayed a mini trunk show that included the following: 



I also showed my finished knit pants with beaded edgings. I've never worn them or photographed them. Watch for them tomorrow!

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