Ladies Who Knit and Nosh

For years I've been sitting here knitting, turning up at social events sporting wonky chic handknits and handing out cunning baby clothes at showers. Friends have said, "Oh, someday, it might be fun to learn." Or, "I haven't the patience." Or "I'm too busy."

I don't know if it's the convergence of car pooling, age, band practices or a need for calm, but suddenly the ladies want to knit. All of a sudden and at once.

So tonight I'm hosting a Beginning Ladies-Who-Knit-and-Nosh class here at Chez Nake-id to teach my pals to knit. I've joked, calling this "cougar knitting," but in point of fact, I am thrilled and honored to do this; one of these women I've known for more than 30 years.

Lash 'em up. We're going to knit.

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March 10. 2010 10:26


I am SO excited. See you tonight!

Roxanne |

March 10. 2010 19:15


I'm ready and armed with nosh!

Caitlin |

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