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It's interesting to see how passionate people are about Microsoft vs. Apple. Honestly, I think folks hold more opinions on this issue than: Bush or Obama?

(Maybe Steve Jobs could get them for his next round of ads? Obama=Mac. Bush? Like my old XT. Could be cute.)

One of the reasons I'm considering a Mac is I'm hoping it will spark creative productivity. (No doubt in the same way I wish my holiday gifts would knit themselves.) Deb has made some wonderful recommendations for writing tools, namely Scrivener and Journler. Both are intriguing. I'd be more impressed if they could get up on their hind legs and do my interviewing, but maybe that's up for Scrivener 2.0.

But what do Mac-based knitters do? Let's say you're writing a pattern--What software do y'all use to do schematics and charts? Do you use knitting software to help chart cables? Do these things exist for the Mac?

Don't want to drink the kool-aid without full knowledge...

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December 15. 2008 11:39


Try this site:


sweater wizard is the most up and coming software.  See what they have.

Sue |

December 15. 2008 11:42

Catherine D.

I use Adobe Illustrator for all my charts, whether I'm working on a Mac or a PC. I have grids pre-charted with multiple layers and have the symbols/cable crossings in another file for copy and paste.

Since I use InDesign to layout patterns, I don't lose detail when I place the Illustrator charts into the document.

But then, graphics design is one of the ways I make my living, so I've owned the products for years ...

Catherine D. |

December 15. 2008 22:00

Deborah Robson

On the interviewing piece, check with CAL member Carol Ekarius. She uses Skype and some other tricks for her interviews. CAL member Susan Tweit may also have tips for interviewing productivity. Both are on Macs.

I haven't gotten far enough in to be able to answer your knitting software questions, although I will also end up with Illustrator and InDesign on this machine and I do use them for the knit-publishing tasks. However, they're definitely industrial-strength.

Deborah Robson |

December 16. 2008 12:16


There is a great knitting font which works for Mac in word and Excel.  I use it to chart for the store.  It's from XRX, Inc. and can be found on the stitches site.  the only problem I've found is with cables over multiples of stitches other than two or three.  But, for the most part -- it works nicely.

Go toward the light.  Turn away from the Dark Side.  

Diana |

December 16. 2008 16:18


I use XRX's knitting font. Granted I'm not a heavy duty designer, just dabble at best, but the font fits my needs.

Nannette |

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