Last night I attended an event where a professionally dressed young woman introduced the program. She was wearing a blazer and skirt. Seated in the front row, I stared mightily trying to ascertain whether she was or wasn’t wearing panty hose. With the lights and all, I couldn’t tell, but given the nature of the program and the venue and the chill night, suspect she was. I wore the above. With pants and heels.

I was enlightened by your comments yesterday that panty hose have not joined the mastadon and shoulder pads as relics from another time. Obviously I have spent too much time in sitting in front of the computer with dirty hair and listening to young cousin Stephanie, who would rather eat lima beans than don the aforementioned legwear.

As for Wendy’s question about slips, they are an elusive quarry. After crocheting this, I found myself in dire need. I wanted something I could wear under knit skirts that might pose for a faux lining. I spent a fortune on a sleek half slip by Commando and then promptly left it in a hotel room. This did not endear me to myself at all. This is my current slip crush, but I have yet to make the investment, not yet trusting myself to keep a proper eye on expensive foundation pieces.

Back to panty hose, my favorites are sweater tights. Yours?

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February 13. 2008 04:02


How funny you mentioned your Violet...I totally thought of you on Sunday when I wore mine out to breakfast.  And I actually had a really hard time finding a slip for it.   After a week or so of searching, I located one at Ross.  Of course I had to cut off the ugly 2" lace section at the bottom, but it was worth it.

As far as panty hose go...do footless opaque tights count?  I  tend to wear them with skirts and knee high boots.  And footless because I prefer having a socked foot in my boots rather than a panty-ho'd foot.  Less swampy.  

Christie |

February 13. 2008 07:22


Curren "slip" crush??? In my day we called this a girdle or a foundation!!  Old ladies wore them!!!  I can be insulting - I'm your mother!! : )

Sue |

February 13. 2008 13:47


I totally forgot to comment on slips yesterday. Those things are nigh on impossible to find in stores, it seems. I always wore them growing up and as a young adult and now and then when I do want or need to wear one, I've kept my older slips. Slips and plain camisoles are apparently out of favor with fashion right now. I hope they make a comeback.

Wanda |

February 13. 2008 22:22


Wow! Thank you SO much for the slip links!!

Wendy |

February 15. 2008 00:44


slips are elusive! still in search of a longer, plain,  half slip. my mother brought us up to wear 'em. you are NOT dressed properly without one. When I lived in MS, my friends proper southern belle mother told me that proper young ladies wore slips and foundation garments for two reasons... it wasn't proper for a gentleman to feel skin or undergarments (bra) beneath your clothes, and you needed to have smooth lines on your clothes, no back fat, rools, etc. there ya go. Smile
On to legwear....my all time fav is black opaque tights with a bit of control top. Hate the baggy crotch & rolling waistband thing happening. i like to break up the monotony with designs on the black tights. My Italian BIL says I'm in training for the little old italian grandma role.

sylvia |

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