Lessons in humility

Dear Universe,

How many times do we need the humility lesson? I mean, really?

I took off my prima donna tap shoes years ago. Haven't you noticed the comfort walkers? The willingness to roll up sleeves and write just about anything? For Pete's sake, I've worked for lawyers. How low can you go?

But, no. You felt I needed the mirror shoved front and center yet again and gave me a career-limiting uh-oh upon which to reflect. You had me sobbing on a public toliet, thinking, "I was a high-school valedictorian, how did my career devolve to this!?"

And reflect I have. Of course, we all need the lesson of slowing down and paying closer attention, but if we focus too closely on the weeds, we'll miss the forest and the wild things that come to us in dreams. To work in fear of mistakes is to work in fear. And is that any way to foster invention, new thinking and creativity?

It's all about balance, isn't it? To color outside the lines may yield something fresh and interesting, but is it usable? Likewise to put forth dull, perfectly wrought copy gets the job done, but will anybody read?

Hard to imagine in this day and age that teachers ever made children wear dunce caps. it strikes the contemporary viewer as cruel, doesn't it? Do we need to wear the cone of shame in order to find that point where inspiration and perfection come together in excellence?

Universe, I think there's a bigger message here but not quite sure I'm getting it. Or is it just about dotting i's and crossing t's?



Photo by Arthur Tress




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