Letter from the Wet Mountain Valley

This week Mitch and I decided to go seriously AWOL and work from the ranch. The temps in Denver were scheduled to be in the 90's, so we threw the cats and computers in the truck (what more do you need besides yarn?) and headed to the valley.

Obviously it's much different here than in the city. See?

We have no television reception, though truth be told, we've never really checked. We do have a DVD player, so we watch movies from time to time. And we talkĀ about the weather more here. A lot more.

Because distractions are few, it allows for more knitting time. I finally cast on for the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls. I'm using that decadent wool-silk from Brooks Farm. As you can see, the shawl is still a wee bambino, but it's proving to be an engaging, not-too-taxing knit.

Tomorrow, let's have the cheese conversation, shall we?

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