Lie like a rug

Last week I wove a web of deception so thick you could've snagged a puma in it.

I threw a surprise party Friday for Mitch's 49th birthday.

Mitch is the kind of guy who notices everything. Move the mustard in the fridge and he'll see it. Give him a present to unwrap and he'll guess what it is. It was the ultimate challenge. Years in the making.

The man was completely stumped. Gobsmacked. Sent into a state of shock.

His entire immediate family flew in. Friends colluded. And a good time was had by all.

Makes me think I could smuggle more yarn into the house!

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October 27. 2008 09:37


Congratulations, you sneaky, lying wife.  I did the same thing once and swore "never again."  Still, it was worth it.

You must have been a wreck!

threadingwater |

October 27. 2008 14:16


I'm glad to hear it went well. Tell him happy b-day from us.

Roxanne |

October 31. 2008 08:07


I am so glad to see someone use the phrase lie like a rug, although I usually say lie like a cheap rug. I have had to explain this on more than one occasion to my high school students. Surprise parties are always good fun! Happy b'day to him.

bwilliams |

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