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Sock knitting and bikini waxing.

Please explain.

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November 14. 2006 07:13


Sock knitting-awesome!  Great portability and with handpainted yarns, tons of possibility.
bikini waxing-just plain necessary! Smile

Wanda |

November 14. 2006 07:16


Okay, I'll bite...bikini waxing I don't understand, since the razor works fine for us lazy hippies. Sock knitting is quick, even when the pattern is complicated, and socks LOOK complicated to knit, but they're really not.

Lisa |

November 14. 2006 10:54


Well, as I understand the process, you need something to take your mind off the process while the waxing is going on.

Oh, you didn't mean "at the same time"?

Delf |

November 20. 2006 08:38


I should think you'd need something to take your mind off the process when the wax was yanked off!

Nan |

June 29. 2007 13:54


think I'd be grossed out if one of my dingle-ball trims got splashed with toilet water, tho.

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