Life's imponderables, part II

Back to my question about sock knitting and bikini waxing.

Both involve parts of the body the public rarely sees. Both require a commitment of time, money and, to one extent or another, fiber. Both seem a bit (here it comes)…unnecessary.

I ask this in the aftermath of the post-Rhinebeckian reports in which folks mentioned much hoarding of Socks That Rock, lovely stuff, yes, but so much nicer than other wonderful products, i.e. Lorna's Laces or Interlacements Toasty Toes?

Really, now. If you had the choice of knitting a sweater and waxing your eye brows—things people see—why invest all that energy fiddling with double points when you can purchase all the socks you want quite easily? Then there's the matter of subjecting your tender bits to molten, hot wax. Hot wax. The very thought makes me pale.

Having knit socks--turning the heel is a bit of a kick, but the second sock kills that high--I remain flummoxed by all the chatter. The other thing? There are some places where hot wax just doesn't belong.

Anyway, forgive all the sloppy logic. I leave you with a bit of knitting in need of a little shave, itself.


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November 17. 2006 01:52


I guess because I enjoy knitting socks, It doesn't seem unnecessary to me.  I know plenty of people that have started sock knitting and not really get into it, which is fine.  Knitting socks is also great to me for portable knitting, knitting that can be done while waiting in line, that you can do a couple of rounds on here and there and easy to pick up and put down again.  All knitting includes an element of time, a commitment to project (esp. a sweater) and sock knitting works for me, as well as having other projects on the needles.  I actually feel like I'm missing something when I don't have a sock on the needles.  I buy plenty of socks, with no problem, but I also love wearing my handknit socks as well.  As far as bikini waxing, that's the only way to keep that area up for me.  Other methods have not proved successful and just because it's not an area others see, the one that does appreciates it. Wink

Wanda |

November 17. 2006 01:55


I'm with you on the waxing, but not on the socks. I love knitting socks. One's socks can potentially be the most interesting part of your wardrobe, and a lot of people quietly rebel though thier wearing of loud or ridiculous socks.

As for bikini waxing, I imagine that can also be the most exciting part of your wardrobe, if you're into that. Personally, I'm not.

Lissa |

November 17. 2006 02:05


I think both are just an addiction.  Once you catch the sock bug, you are a goner and go to crazy extremes.  Believe it or not, its the same with bikini waxing.  I now feel unclean if I don't have a groomed muff and the man definitely appreciates it.  Plus both just make me feel good - socks I knit on my feet and how sexy I look in a little thong.

Allison |

November 17. 2006 03:00


I'm not a sock knitter, so I agree with you.  I'd rather buy socks for $2 than spend $15 bucks on yarn and still have to make the damn things.  That's just me, tho.  If people really love it, good for them, you won't ever hear me complaining that I can't find my favorite sock yarn.  Smile

Christie |

November 17. 2006 03:31


With you on both feet don't like socks to begin with, so why knit something I am never going to wear? Bikini waxing waned after hitting the beaches in Europe, why go through the pain?

Pam |

November 17. 2006 04:59


I love sock knitting - both because of the portability and because they are hand knitted items I can wear even in the summer.

Waxing? Way too painful for me.

kristen |

November 17. 2006 22:52


Not sloppy logic at all!  Seems sensible to me - on both counts.

John |

June 29. 2007 13:53


think I'd be grossed out if one of my dingle-ball trims got splashed with toilet water, tho.

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