Local, non-vegan, delicious

We spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about food here at Nake-id Knits and have recently stumbled on some local products and resources that are quickly becoming regulars.

1. Noosa Yoghurt--This is an Australian-style yoghurt from a Boulder company. The. Best. Yoghurt. We've. Ever. Had. Creamy, with the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Noosa isn't so cheap or low-fat. But, wow. Put it in a bowl and call it dessert.

2. Morning Fresh Dairy Farm--Milk is milk, right? Not so much. This moo juice from Fort Collins tastes like fresh, clean...milk. Even the skim. We're converts.

3. Ranch Foods Direct Beef--Local, hormone-free, anti-biotic free, this pasture-raised, grain-finished meat is a revelation.

4. Tea Dojo--Four words: Coconut Creme White Tea.

Where to buy? The Denver Indoor Farmer's Market, In Season, and other local markets.

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March 5. 2010 18:23


Local food options are pretty meager in the close in suburbs of a large city like Chicago except for farmers' markets in the summer.  However, we do have a local dairy (Oberweis) which buys dairy products only from local farms that do not use antibiotics or hormones.  I've never been much of a milk drinker but their skim milk is so rich & creamy & fresh tasting that I used to keep it in the refrigerator at work, along with good jam & organic peanut butter.  So I'd have the tastiest PBJ & fresh milk for lunch.  I also used to keep whole grain cereal in my desk & fresh berries (when available which is much of the year altho not local ones) for breakfast.

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