Local, organic or cheap?

I was chatting with a friend recently about food and the challenges of eating and purchasing local, organic food. Compared with other parts of the country where the growing season extends across seasons, ours is relatively short. In Denver we plant most things on Mother's Day, earlier and we risk a hard freeze. Produce comes in through October, but then we're pretty much out of luck, depending on the kindness of states like California for our veggies.

This also makes for hard choices at the grocer's. When shoppping for anything, I tend to prioritize local over organic, but often cheap trumps all. Case in point: Yesterday I bought a bag of conventional brussel sprouts for 2.49/lb compared to the $5.99/lb for organic. I did however buy some organic galas (Washington State) for $1.39/lb and a 5 lb bag of organic russets on sale. Nothing local.

My friend mentioned her quandry over bananas. We agreed that there was little likelihood of banana trees cropping up along the banks of the Platte anytime soon.

And yarn? Right now I'm knitting with silk from Italy by way of India or China.

So much for smugness.

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