Lost weekend

Here’s all the things that should of transpired over the weekend, but didn’t:

1. Block afghan squares.

2. Finish reknitting ugly scarf into cool scarf.

3. Finish languishing stories.

4. Research interesting non-knitting related story possibility.

5. Write languishing thank you notes.

6. Mail magazine to nice man who helped with story.

7. Send miscellaneous emails.

8. Felt new Nipple Bag.

9. Complete second fancy earring. Pics later.

10. Swatch for new Kim Hargreaves rip-off cardigan.

Here’s what did happen:

1. Facial wart fell off.


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October 2. 2006 04:45


Do you actually have a pattern for the Hargreaves cardigan?
I love it!
If so, where did you get  it… or are you winging it?

Andi |

October 2. 2006 05:19


Can I just tell you that I am thisclose to ordering something off of her site?  I can't decide if it's a rip-off or not, though- damn conversion rates.

Cathi |

October 2. 2006 08:53



Naw....I mean, hey!  Losing a wart of any kind makes the weekend worthwhile.  Smile  Compare that to my weekend accomplishment - vacuuming the house - and your weekend sounds good.

John |

December 15. 2006 23:19



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